Maria José Sans Olmedo

I am writing this text to explain a little what you see on this website, which is a surprise and very emotional gift from my nephew Francesc. I thought I would comment on a couple of questions that come up when I talk about my painting.

One of the recurring questions in my life, sometimes asked by people who know my work and sometimes asked by myself, is why I paint. Over the years there have been many reasons such as having something to say, wanting to show an inner world, a filter or vision of what surrounds me, being loved, growing as an artist and a person.... If I think about it
I have as many reasons as I have been painting or drawing for years, that is
pretty much my whole life. One of them and possibly the most important is that I am partly my painting and without it I am not complete.

Sans Olmedo Artist

Painting style

The other question is the reason for my round or "fat" figures. The truth is that I like these kinds of shapes, they are sweet and without edges, they are like a gentle life, they flow in balance and are not aggressive. I believe painting is my way of showing a world, for me idyllic, that I invite to be part of and enjoy.

And finally, most importantly, I hope you like what you see here…


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